10 Rapscallions Coffee


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10 Rapscallions Charitable Group Branded Yirgacheffe Coffee.

Their Website: http://10rapscallions.org/

Help us in our charitable ventures by ordering coffee today.

Indulge in the finest Ethiopian Coffee Beans, chosen by 10 Rapscalions and provided exclusively by Captain Grims’. These exceptional beans hail from the enchanting region of Yirgacheffe, renowned as the pinnacle of coffee excellence.

Grown in high-altitude splendor and unique microclimates, they embody an unrivaled flavor profile that will captivate your senses. Experience the pinnacle of coffee perfection with our carefully selected Ethiopian Coffee Beans, handpicked by the most discerning palates.

Coffee Roasted and Shipped by CaptainGrims.com

Weight 6 oz

6oz, 12oz


Whole Bean: All uses, Coarse: French Press/Chemex, Medium: Drip/Pour Over, Fine: Espresso