About Us

What sets us apart from the herd? 

“When you purchase your Captain Grims’ Coffee you start the process and put the wind in our sails.”

What does that mean?

Well, here at Captain Grims’ Coffee our order and shipping process is done a little differently. Not just because we are pirates but we take seasonal freshness to the next level when it comes to our online orders.


We are an order to be made company.

This is not the standard practice for the coffee industry, we know. Most coffee has already spent so much time on conveyor belts, pallets and shelves before reaching your home.

Well are pirates, so Sorry, Not Sorry about creating waves, We believe freshness comes first.


What does order to be made mean?

Well, let us run you through the process we take.

First, we collect all the orders we received from all our crewmates (You Pirates). This happens once a month.

Once we know how much we need, we sail the 7 seas. Finding the places that are in perfect season with the most beautiful beans and buy enough beans to fill your orders and our offline location’s needs.

Then when we bring them to our kitchen to get roasted by our experienced Master Roasters with all their tender love and care for you pirates. After quality inspection, The beans are bagged up and shipped directly to you.

Leaving you with the longest-lasting fresh in-season coffee to enjoy.